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Beijing International Book Fair(BIBF)2023

发布日期:2023年06月29日  浏览133



The 29th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) was held successfully at the Internet Publishing Hall from June 15th to 18th, 2023. 

Internet Publishing Hall

To expand the general scope of the BIBF, Internet Publishing Hall will have its first appearance in the 2023 BIBF. It integrates the exhibition of currently trending publishing format such as Internet literature and online gaming. Focusing on the achievements made in these area, the Internet Publishing Hall will fully represent the great energy acquired by those emerging publishing trends. Moreover, it will help and guide the further development of online literature and gaming.

By adding the Internet Publishing Hall, the BIBF could improve its influence in the world. It facilitates the communication and cooperation between major domestic Internet publishing companies and famous international publishing companies, thus creating a professional exhibiting forum for original Chinese online games and exceptional online literature. It is also beneficial for the brand marketing of CNPIEC itself, practicing the ability to catch the mainstream developing trend of this digital era, and deepening the understanding of the publishing industry.


Picture Book Exhibition

BIBF Picture Book Exhibition starts at 2015. And it synchronizes with the BIBF since then. Covering 1500 to 3000 m2 in the BIBF venue, it is the biggest picture book exhibition in Asia and one of the most identical brand of BIBF.

BIBF Picture Book Exhibition has 20 more interesting sections including Queen’s Castle, Master’s Book room, Chinese Original Picture Book, Stories before Bed, Animals Kingdom, and Award-winning Books. It includes around ten thousands picture books in 14 languages. Additionally, illustrators, children’s book authors and promoters will all be there for support and communication.

Each year, the BIBF Picture Book Exhibition will hold more than 60 events in 5 days, welcoming 70000+ visitors. Considering its popularity, we opened the first BIBF Picture Book Room in Beijing, hoping to prolong the Picture Book Exhibition to an all year round event.


BIBF Art Book Fair

The inaugural "BIBF Art Book Fair" will be held at China National Convention Center from June 15 to 18 this year, alongside the Beijing International Book Fair. As the first organizer to combine an international book fair with an art book fair in China, BIBF Art Book Fair explores the possibilities of art without boundaries through books, inviting visitors to experience the free growth of artistic power in books.

This year's theme is "photosynthesis," representing the vitality of art and deep connection between humans and nature. These books, like energy-giving "lights," reflect the many different forms and styles in art publishing. They will blend with the summer sunshine in Beijing to grow and enrich the art world.

The visual design of the book fair intends to inspire audiences’ imagination. The featured cyan, magenta, yellow color blocks are the foundation colors universally used in publishing and printing, and are used to symbolize this link. Green is also used to represent this year’s theme of photosynthesis, symbolizing plants and trees.